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English Parish Records

How far back? That;s a frequent question when searching for ancestors. My answer is usually on the following lines. If your ancestors were agricultural labourers (like many of mine) not that far. If they were from noble families quite a long way and argued by some to...

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Lord Liverpool led the government in 1815 following the Napoleonic Wars between 1803 and 1815. Great pressure was put on the for social, economic and political reform.  However, the government introduced in 1815 The Corn Laws to protect British agricultural landowners...

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Seaside holiday romance in 1881?

Marriages, Allegations and Licences Marriages before 1837 in England and Wales conventionally took place in parish churches. From 1937 there was an option to choose a civil ceremony and avoid the trappings of a religious ceremony. Both before and after this date...

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Corn Laws Introduced

The Corn Laws were statures introduced between 1815 and 1846 to keep corn prices high. Price levels were set to protect English farmers from cheap foreign imports of grain following the end of the Napoleonic Wars. The Corn Laws were repealed in 1846.

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Slave Trade Abolished

The law that abolished the slave trade entered the statute books of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on the 25 March 1807. This made it illegal to engage in the slave trade in the British Colonies. Despite this trafficking, between the Caribbean...

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Royal Navy defeats France at the Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805 A famous battle indeed. Won under the leadership of Admiral Lord Nelson who lost his life in the battle. Nevertheless the British fleet with twenty seven ships of the line with six others defeated the combined forces of the...

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The Nature of Genealogical Records

Genealogical records come in a variety of forms. But, how much can we rely on them? At the heart of any genealogical are vital birth, marriage and death records. They mark the beginning the middle and the end. Two events are inevitable; the third optional and can be...

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