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How did your ancestors live?

What did they do?

Times of war or peace?


Where did your ancestors live?

Where did they live? It is impossible to understand the lives of our ancestors without knowing where they lived. Not just where they lived geographically but under what conditions. Did they live in a rural location or in tightly packed tenements. How difficult was it...

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Choosing a professional genealogist and family historian

Finding and choosing a professional genealogist. There are a number of reasons why people turn to a professional genealogist to research their family history. It might be following the death in a family and a need to know; for probate and inheritance; you tried...

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Charles Booth

For genealogists, the Charles Booth poverty maps provide a significant resource when researching 19th century London.  However, that underestimates the contribution he made during his lifetime in his quest to understand the social conditions in London at that time....

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Functionality added to General Register Office website

The website to use when ordering certificates - English and Welsh birth, marriage and death certs is the website of the General Register Office. The significant changes are For births the mother's maiden name will be shown. Previously this was only for births after...

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Irish records

The following was gleaned from a lecture at Who Do You Think You Are? at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 6 April 2017. I have reinforced the notes with the location of the records - ie I have added the appropriate links. Ireland City and...

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