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4.5 billion hidden records

4.5 billion images of your ancestors records

Michael Turner

21 February 2021

There are over four and a half billion genealogical records sitting in Familysearch archives that are hidden. That’s not strictly true; the are not hidden just not indexed by name. You won’t find records for your great great grandmother by typing in her name but there may be another way to find her.

Familysearch provide data directly to genealogists; they also provide data to other major genealogy sites like Ancestry, Findmypast, The Genealogist and My Heritage.  The following is an example of a record provided by the Family Search Library (FHL). This is a record that has been indexed by name. The image from the parish record has not been provided.

At the beginning of the pandemic I asked the question – ‘Will Familysearch make images available online in while the family history centres or centers  were out of bounds?’ They answered that with a link to their unindexed images.

I am not sure it has always been the case but these images are now directly available on the Familysearch page but it is possible now. You will need to register with Familysearch at  Click on the Search button and choose images from the list.

They are not indexed by name but they are indexed by place. The challenge. Is it possible to find the image by using the allegedly unindexed images?

Example of source record for a marriage

Marriage record provided by Familysearch


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