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Living relatives exposed?

Exposed living relatives

Michael Turner

24 February 2021

Should you share your tree with the Living relatives exposed on Ancestry?

I don’t think so. If you have a small tree that only includes close living relatives, and they are all in agreement then it’s reasonable to share trees amongst yourselves.

Ancestry allow you to share living relatives or not; a simple binary choice.

When your share a tree you are including relatives you have never met and are never likely to meet, fourth cousins twice removed perhaps.

It is not that difficult to add living relatives especially if you have connected to people using DNA results. To know who they are and knowing them are very different scenarios. You have no right to share personal details across the world of people whose permission you do not have. Personal information that may include their date of birth, their location and their parents names; mother’s maiden name for example.

Ancestry  confirmed they do not provide the opportunity to selectively show living relatives.

What do you think? Are Ancestry responsible? Are they complicit in breaking privacy laws if they allow personal information to be shared?


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